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Microsoft BI Voyage (Brought to you by Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism)

Microsoft BI Voyage is a series of Instructor Led Trainings built on SQL Server 2005 that have been delivered around the globe by Microsoft and Microsoft Partners. This training event takes the student through the Microsoft BI Platform giving a BI Developer the introduction and basic comfort needed to tackle a BI project using Microsoft technology.

We have recorded screencasts of many of the demos which we will be releasing on Channel 9
  • Microsoft BI Platform Integration
  • Developing a Query-Driven E-mail Delivery System
  • Loading and Integrating Data from Multiple Sources
  • Identifying and Importing New Customers by Using Fuzzy Lookup
  • Implementing Slowly Changing Dimensions in the Data Flow
  • Advanced Package Design
  • Designing a Basic Report
  • Adding Interactivity to a Report
  • Developing a Report Model and Designing a Report Builder Report
  • Deploying and Accessing Reports
  • Designing Dimensions
  • Advanced Dimension Design
  • Using the Cube Wizard
  • Introducing Cube Calculations
  • Designing Reports on the UDM
  • Introducing Data Mining

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